By Shelby Horton

Dear Shelby,

My neighbors enjoy having loud sex-noise contests at the most random times at night, and will not stop. Their voices are piercing. I understand having a good time but seriously how can I get them to understand making sex noises to annoy people at the dorms isn’t funny?

Dear noise canceler,

What these women are doing is extremely immature; unfortunately for them this isn’t freshmen year of high school anymore.

That kind of humor was funny when we were all immature teenagers with our hormones out of control, but now it’s just plain dumb.

I recommend knocking on the door, once they begin their sex noise contest, and politely ask them to stop since it’s distracting to you. If they persist, then notify resident hall school officials and file a complaint.

Dear Shelby,

I want to dress up for Valentine’s Day in lingerie for my boyfriend, but I’m afraid he won’t be into it or just won’t care. Should I still dress up?

Dear Smart Dresser,

Lingerie can either be worn for yourself or worn for someone else, depending on what you want to accomplish when wearing this article of clothing.

Lingerie is meant to make a statement when worn.

If you’re planning on wearing it for your partner, but your not sure if they’re into it, maybe talk to them about it first.

Find out if it’s something that would benefit your relationship. However, if you’re choosing to wear lingerie for yourself because it makes you feel better about yourself, then wear it. It could boost your confidence, and make you feel sexy.

Dear Shelby,

I’m a gamer; however my girlfriend is constantly annoyed with how much I play video games.

She believes it’s ruining our relationship. I love video games; they’re a big part of my life. What should I do?

Dear Gamer guy,

Balancing a gamer lifestyle and having a relationship can be difficult too, especially, since video-games can be very addictive.

A possible solution would be to find a game that you could both enjoy and have bonding time while introducing her to your favorite pastime.

However, if she really doesn’t want to even learn about video-games, you’re going to have to set time aside for her if you want to keep her around.

If she is demanding for you to stop something that you love, then you need to make a decision; Video games or the nagging girlfriend.

Dear Shelby,

My boyfriend is soon moving away to a different college. We want to try a long distance relationship but we’re afraid it could end badly. Is there any way we can prevent that, or should we just break up now?

Dear Far away,

As someone who has been in a relationship for three years, this is something I’ve experience first hand.

To be in a long-distance relationship, first you must have a strong foundation and communicate extremely well.

Physical love will be absent for long periods of time, so you need to build on the emotional and mental aspects of your relationship.

It will be difficult at times. If you choose to pursue a long distance relationship, you will face many challenges.

Your faith in one another will be strained, sometimes you may question each other’s trust.

There will be tears, fights, and sometimes you may even consider breaking up.

If you have good communication, you may be able to stay together, but it’s still a huge risk. If you’re not ready to handle all that, I suggest you break up now.

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