By Ethan Ball

The Hutchinson Recreational Commission is looking for 28 or more people, a total of four teams allowing seven to ten players each, to start its first Ultimate Frisbee League.

Starting Feb. 12, given that enough players register, the Hutch Rec Adult Ultimate Frisbee League will offer a competitive opportunity to those 16 years of age and older wanting to play Ultimate Frisbee.

Individual registration costs $22 while team registration costs $140 for seven to ten people, which is a value price.

Equipment is minimal; all you need is a decent pair of shoes that’ll keep you from sliding all over the field, maybe an old pair of soccer, football, or baseball cleats.

To those who have never played Ultimate Frisbee, you can think of it as a mix of football and soccer with a strong emphasis on the soccer-style of the gameplay.

The game has a “kickoff,” much like football, where the opposing team launches the disk to their enemy.

However, a majority of the game is played like soccer in the sense that it’s continuous gameplay.

The disk cannot be ran with, and the throwers must maintain pivot points that which does not “travel” throughout their possessions.

If a pass is caught out of bounds, incomplete, knocked down by the defense or intercepted — it’s a “turn over,” and the opposing team immediately obtains possession.

The game is played to 15 points, or for an hour.

Catching the disk in the scoring zone results in one point on the board and an immediate kickoff.

Registration and schedule are available in person at 17 E. 1st, by phone at 620-663-6179, or online at

At least four different teams are needed in order for Ultimate Frisbee to be a competitive activity offered by the hutch rec.

Organizers hope you show your support and register.

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