By Troy Daugherty

As you have probably noticed, Donald Trump has a tendency to dominate the media since his campaign began.

It seems reasonable that he would get more coverage than the other Republican candidates since he has been leading in the polls since the beginning.

However, Trump seems to be on television more than any of the Democratic candidates as well, which doesn’t make sense.

In theory, both parties should get relatively equal coverage, but it seems all the news stations are too preoccupied with Trump’s outlandish statements of the day.

But is he really covered more than anyone else or does it just seem like that because people pay more attention when he’s on?

Some research was done and it shows that Trump does, in fact, get more media coverage than anyone else.

According to the data from 2015, between ABC, CBS, and NBC’s news coverage programming, Donald Trump made up over a quarter of all coverage. Trump was covered for 234 minutes.

To put that in perspective, Hillary Clinton was the candidate with the second most news coverage and her time was totaled at 113 minutes. Trump had more than double the coverage than the candidate behind him.

The news coverage disparity gets even more drastic. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, for example, are both in second place within their own respective parties, yet both candidates combined have only received 17 minutes of coverage.

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