Melinda Dome/Collegian
Melinda Dome/Collegian

By Taryn Gillespie

Students drive around, with class time ticking closer and closer, constantly scanning for a car to pull out so they can park and get to class.

Parking is an issue for many students on HCC’s campus right now. As this issue has continued to get worse in recent years, the college decided to build yet another new lot.

This new parking lot is in the process of being completed and it will make parking on campus a lot easier, with 56 new parking spots available.

The college spent $190,460.00 on the new parking lot.

Students all over campus will be able to use the lot as it is located on North Plum street across from Lockman Hall and Rimmer Learning Center.

Construction on this lot has been underway for almost a full semester now. The time until this new lot is available grows closer and closer.

Now there is a concern that rainwater falling on its western, earthen border may run onto neighboring property.

Miller Home Builders, who have been working on this project since the beginning, have produced plans to build a short retaining wall to divert the runoff.

This little setback has caused the project to be on hold while they get permission from the college to finish. The lot probably will be completed two to three weeks later than planned.

As for the retaining wall $7,835.00 of the total $190,460.00 is to be spent to build it.

Even with this bump in the road, the new spaces are on their way and students can start getting excited about easier parking on the way to class.

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