By Amaelle Caron
Melinda Dome/Collegian
Technology today is taking over the world and our lives.

It’s a very controversial subject; today it is easy to communicate with someone across the world with Internet and smart phones and such. However, today people are using their cellphones to communicate with someone across the room. Technology redefines human relationships.

College students spend a big part of their free time online or playing on their phones. Studies showed that 94% of community college students are Internet users and use it on a regular basis. It is very common to see students on their phones in the hallways and commons area.

One of the main reasons is social media. Nowadays, some people have their social life more developed on the social media than in real life. For some people, the number of followers they have is more important than having real life friends.

At school, students are looking at their phones all the time, in order to avoid any kind of contact with real people.

However, the people you see everyday are just like you, looking up sometimes to say “Hi” or to give a smile to someone who may be troubled.

There are some people we see everyday and we don’t pay attention to them at all, because social media or a game is taking all of our attention.

There is a whole world outside of your cellphone: new people to meet and awesome things to do without technology. Sometimes it is nice not to look at the time. Enjoy the moment, turn off your phone and breathe.

So try enjoying moments without any high-tech distractions.

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