By Troy Daugherty

If any students happened to wander into the Student Union on Friday, Oct. 30, they may have noticed a caramel apple sundae bar. They may have also noticed that it was just sitting out for anyone to take as much as they wanted.

Which means that if anyone did not go, they really missed out because a lot of the students took advantage of the opportunity. Free food is kind of a college student’s dream, so seeing caramel, sliced apples, and toppings like nuts and chocolate chips was probably a really good dream.

A lot of students showed up and either grabbed some before class or as dessert. Adam Kostner, Murdock, said “I’m just glad that it’s something hot to eat because it’s cold outside today. I am just going to grab some and head to my Physics class.”

And that was the same way many of the students felt as they poured the hot caramel over the bowls full of apples that they grabbed. “Caramel apples are always good and I thought it was very thoughtful to make them available for the students,” said Colby Turner, Hutchinson.

It was not just the students that enjoyed them though. Even some of the HCC staff has a sweet tooth and they also grabbed some of the treats.

Sandy Ball, a financial aid clerk, said, “I don’t usually eat them [caramel apples] because I used to have braces so I am really excited to try them. And it’s always nice to do stuff for the students.”

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