By Ethan Ball

It’s soybean harvest time at the Hutchinson Community College South Campus.

HCC owns 425 acres of crops and pasture in cooperation with the Agriculture Program.

The fields consist of 100 acres of wheat, 100 acres of soybean, and 225 acres of prairie pasture for grazing cattle.

According to Steve Sears, agriculture instructor, about 52 acres of soybeans have been cut, with a yield of 43 bushels per acre.

Another 48 acres will be cut Oct. 22, if the weather permits it.

The expected outcome of the acreage to be cut is 30 bushels per acre, which isn’t bad considering Hutchinson has had minimal rainfall within the last month.

According to the AgWeb Soybean Harvest News, the state-soybean-yield is averaging around 45 bushels per acre.

The Agricultural Diesel Mechanics program offers classes that manage HCC’s equipment and machinery.

The programs include combine operation and repair, transverse and axial combines, wheeled tractor systems, complete tractor overhaul and advanced, wheeled tractor systems.

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