By Kodi Ringler

Dear poor tippers, Your tips help pay for your waitresses’ living.

Your tips are our paychecks. I get paid $2.13 an hour.

The state minimum wage for a regular job in Kansas is $7.25.

For waitresses, our employers are not forced to pay us that because they expect us to make our money through our tips.

When you come into eat and tip nothing or less than 15%, that is like me coming into your job and stealing something from you.

I come into work and I have dishes to do, I have stuff to tidy up, tables to wipe, and sometimes I am needed to train other staff members.

While you are eating, while I am doing all the other chores given to me, I bust my butt to get everything you want while taking care of all my other tables. Then you stiff me. How is that fair?

I am here to make your experience amazing. I want you to come back and eat. I love my job, and I want you to enjoy your time eating out.

I put lots of effort into refilling your drinks, cleaning off your table, and making sure your order comes out correct and hot.

In my opinion, if you can’t afford to tip your server, you shouldn’t go out to eat. There are some days I work for five hours and only make $20. That’s not even minimum wage.

People always tell me, if I don’t like the way people tip, why do I continue to spend my time and efforts waitressing?

Well there are nights I can make a ton of money. However, it doesn’t come from you not tipping.

Some nights I make all my money from just two or three tables because every other table for one reason or another decided not to tip.

I understand sometimes you get a crappy waitress. We’ve all had them, but I’d like to say that in my opinion I am a great server and I do my job at a high level. I have been waitressing for many years now and I know the ins and outs of the job.

Note: I am not your servant; I am your server. I’m here to get you what you want but I do have other tables I have to take care of so I can’t be by your side your whole meal.

Understanding not all mistakes are my fault is a big deal, too. If your food comes out incorrectly or isn’t to your liking, you have to understand that I didn’t make the food.

The kitchen has so much going on all at once, things get forgotten sometimes. They are trying to make the food for the entire restaurant at the same time. Not to mention they may be short staffed or have to-go orders as well.

We are here for your convenience, yes, but give us a little credit now and then.

Like I said before, your tips are the servers’ paychecks; your tips pay our bills. This is my job and I put my heart and soul into doing a good job.

I try to make you want to help me out.

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