By Rachel Swafford
Melinda Dome/Collegian
One thing that most women have to deal with at some point during their life is having a period.

Many women report that they have a terrible time keeping track of their periods.

Listen up, ladies! Your problems can now be solved by simply downloading the free app called Period Tracker.

This app is a great thing for women who don’t do the best job of keeping track of when their last period was, when their next one should come, and the days that they are the most fertile.

The Tracker app does so much more than letting women know all about what is going on with their period.

It also keeps track of the days when they are fertile. On top of that, it actually shows the day that they are ovulating, which is when women are most likely to get pregnant.

Period Tracker is great for women who want to avoid getting pregnant at all costs, but at the same time it’s also good for couples trying to have a baby.

The fertility tracker option is one of the main selling points of the app. The reason is because it lets women who don’t want to get pregnant know which days they should refrain from having sex.

Flipping it around and looking at it from the other angle, it also lets couples who are trying to have a baby know which days they should really turn things up in the bedroom.

Period Tracker has helped many couples welcome new little ones into their family. It has also reduced the amount “Oh my gosh I think my period is late” freak-outs.

The Tracker app is a helpful and useful tool for women to have.

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