By Amaelle Caron

“American Horror Story” is probably one of the most controversial TV shows on right now — and we love it.

With murder, sex, freaks, and unique characters, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck found the perfect combination for audiences around the world.

Fox scored high ratings with this show. AHS is a worldwide success and is watched in many countries.

Today AHS has four completed season and one in production. It has an interesting concept. Each season is different from the previous; different setting, story, time, place ,and characters.

However, some actors stay in the show to play different characters each season. The show started in 2011 with “Murder House”, “Asylum” in 2012, “Coven” in 2013, “Freak Show” in 2014 and finally this year season “Hotel” starring the one and only: Lady Gaga.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck are known in the Hollywood industry for their controversial shows such as “Nip/Tuck” or “Glee.”

American Horror Story, however, is very different. The fact that the story changes every season is interesting and keeps the mystery going. They are also expressing controversial subject including: homosexuality, disability, mental illness and differences between humans all over the world.

Also, as it’s name says, AHS is about horror. In fact, it’s the point of the series.

There’s always something scary or really twisted in each season that makes you get goosebumps or scream, laugh or cry, depend on your personality.

Seasons one through seasons four are available on Netflix. Each season is 13 episodes with variable times. The first episode of a season is always longer that the following ones.

However, be aware, ASH is a little like Game of Thrones. If you like a character, or think that this is the nice guy, they are either going to die or they will turn out to be the worst, twisted person you can imagine.

I personally adore “American Horror Story.” It’s a very controversial TV show, weird and very different than what we are used to seeing on TV.

I love the fact that the story line changes every season, as well as, the time and place. It kind of makes you travel in time without leaving your bed.

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