By Troy Daugherty

The varsity football players always get plenty of attention, but what about people who are just normal and not amazing athletes?

Flag football is the answer.

There is currently a flag football tournament taking place on the campus.

It just started about two weeks ago and they plan on continuing for a couple of weeks.

The idea to have a intramural team was brought up and announced a while back, and students had the opportunity to form their own teams.

They had to gather at least six people to make up one team, and elect one team captain.

The teams can be made up of six to eight players of faculty, or students.

To play flag football on a team you may not be allowed to be on varsity, or be a red shirt player of the actual football team.

That helps everyone there to just to have a good time and enjoy a round of football.

Teams compete against each other in two quick, ten-minute halves.

The game plays out much like a regular football game, but with a couple rule changes.

Obviously, since it is flag football, there can be no tackling of other players, but there is also a no-diving rule to prevent potential injury.

A team can do any kind of run or pass play just like in a normal game but every player on the team acts as an eligible receiver.

Forward passes are also allowed at anytime by any player on the team, even downfield, kind of like rugby.

It makes for a fast-paced game with many unpredictable play patterns.

Anyone can come out and enjoy the upbeat entertainment going on.

They take place in the afternoon on weekdays on the sunny, grassy practice field just north of the Fine Arts building.

Coach Pat Becher is in charge of the event and ultimately acts as the main referee, along with a couple of students.

“It’s going very well,” Becher said. “There are nine teams competing and we have a lot of participation this year. It is very competitive, but also very fun.”

James Teeter, McPherson, is a team captain of one of the teams.

“It’s awesome,” Tetter said.

“I loved football in high school, but I never got the chance to play it while I have been in college. This is a great opportunity for me to be able to do that.”

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