By Hannah Wallace

Dear Hannah, How do I prepare to live at home for a week after not living at home since August?

Dear Tenant, It is always hard to make that kind of transition, but it is doable.

It is wise to remember that even though you are an adult, your “home” is still your “parents’ house.”

Your parents will want to know what you are doing and where you are going all the time; this will get annoying but just remember that it is their house so it is their rules.

Cherish the time you have at home because it is the only place where you don’t have to pay for your meals.

Dear Hannah, Why do people destroy things when they are happy?

Dear Not-So-Happy Fan, I think people destroy things when they are happy because they feel on top of the world and they may have also had a little of that liquid courage.

Take the KU goal post incident for example. A bunch of Royals fans thought it would be a good idea to rip down one of the KU goal posts after finding out that the Royals won.

These fans obviously weren’t thinking of the consequences of their actions, but instead, only thought about how happy they were when their team had won.

Being happy and excited does not give you the right to destroy things, but sometimes emotions are hard to control; especially when you are drunk off your ass.

Dear Hannah, How do I prepare for finals?

Dear student, Studying for finals is never fun but there are a few ways to make it more enjoyable.

When I study for finals I like to go to the tutoring rooms in Rimmer with a bunch of junk food and soda.

This helps me concentrate better because I only have to leave the room to go to the bathroom.

Another good idea is to study at a restaurant like IHOP because they are open all night.

Being in a public place will help you stay awake, thus leading to more studying. Preparation is key to passing finals. If you wait until a week before finals to study, you can almost guarantee that success will not be on your horizon.

Being prepared means studying ahead of time.

Dear Hannah, What are your thoughts on the Royals being world Champs?

Dear Fan, To be honest I really don’t care. I don’t care for the Royals to start with and just because they are doing well and got the World Series title doesn’t mean I’m going to start caring now.

I am not a “fair weather fan.” I am better than the rest of the world and really just don’t care.

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