By Lariena Nokes

Bailey Terry/Collegian
Bailey Terry/Collegian

In a specially arranged interview with Duke the Dragon, an interrupter fluent in Duke’s dragon dialect helped translate the interview. I had a chance to gain some remarkable insights.

Duke does not speak in public and that is normal and friendly for a dragon of his standing on campus.

Q: How long have you called HCC home?

“HCC has been my home since it was founded in 1928.”

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment as HCC’s mascot?

“HCC has been my home for years now and it has taught me one thing; Come as you are, as long as you support the Dragons. Our sporting events aren’t just there for the athletic value. Friends and families come together from all over the community and meet in our lovely venues.”

Q: Duke are you an eternal dragon or are you feeling your age?

“This dragon flame is not going out any time soon.”

Q: What has been the greatest rivalry or friendship that defines you as our HCC mascot?

“Our rivalry against Butler Community College is unreal. Every time one of Hutch’s teams plays Butler, that is the game to be at. Make sure you check your local Hutch sports calendar for the Butler basketball game and make sure to be there.”

Q: I noticed your student ID at the Parker Student Union in the games office. How do you get into events without it?

“Who needs an ID with a face like this?”

Q: Have you ever gotten into a pushing match with another mascot?

“Hopefully for the other mascots sake, that does not happen. I haven’t had to bring the thunder and lighting yet.”

Q: Would you say your primary job is entertaining?

“That is the whole deal with my job, I am there to make kids smile, and cry.”

“I am also there to make the crowd rowdy when a good play happens. I am there for the entertainment aspect all the way.”

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