By Amaelle Caron
 The Collegian staff and friends enjoy their scary movie night.
The Collegian staff enjoyed a scary movie night in the newspaper classroom on Oct. 22.

Alan Montgomery, newspaper advisor, organized the event. The room recently was equipped with a 70-inch flatscreen and an impressive sound system.

Eleven students came to the screening and enjoyed free popcorn and good company, as well as a few screams and jumps.

The movie was “As Above, So Below,” an American film that takes place in the Paris catacombs, home to the skeletal remains of more than six million.

The film is a mix of history, myths and horror. It is based on the myth of the stone of resurrection supposedly invented by Nicolas Flamel in Paris hundreds of years ago.

The protagonist tries to find the magic stone, like her father before her. She travels from Iran to Paris to organize an expedition in the catacombs with French “illegal guides.” None of them knew what would happen down there.

Students’ reactions to the film were diverse. Hannah Wallace,Whitewater, said: “I wanted to go home and cry.” She spent the entire movie curled up in a blanket eating chips.

Shelby Horton, Colton, California, thought the movie was awesome.

“It was funny to see Angela and Hannah getting the crap scared out of them,” Horton said.

Angela Lingg, Goddard, said, “I am never going to Paris.”

Personally, I really enjoyed the movie.

The story is good and is not laden with clichés like many scary movies.

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