By Casey Jones
Melinda Dome/Collegian
For all of my life, I have been stuck playing games on consoles because of their relative ease of access and their user-friendly interface.

Over the course of the last year, I have been slowly making a transition to something better, something more worthwhile: I have transitioned from a console plebian to one of the glorious PC master race.

The transition was slow at first, starting with a cheap desktop computer that was given to me simply because that was an easier task than moving it.

I was perfectly fine with this, and it provided countless hours of fun.

However, my hunger for better graphics and processing power grew.

After that desktop crashed, I began fulfilling my need using a friend’s laptop occasionally, but on October 13, I made the full leap by spending $1,000 on a setup from a friend.

The beast of a computer originally had $1,100 put into it two years ago, and then various upgrades throughout that course of time, including new Intel processors, a gtx-740 graphics card, 2 TB internal storage, 8 GB RAM, two 21” monitors, an ergonomic keyboard styled specifically for gaming, and a beastly-looking tower to contain all the hardware.

With this, I can play practically any game I want with relatively high graphics while having other apps working in the background without so much as a hiccup in gameplay. So far I have only had the opportunity play League of Legends on it, but the frame rate was an astounding 200 frames per second, compared to the usual 40-70 frames per second.

I look forward to gaming on a new level and await the game releases this winter.

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