Melinda Dome/Collegian
Melinda Dome/Collegian

By James Teeter

There is a rather caustic YouTube video that went viral, under the name, “Hey Fat People.”

It is an attempt to undermine self-esteem.

There is one weakness that is troubling a lot of people in this day and age — self-confidence.

A lot of people ask the question, “Well, why do I need self-confidence?”

There is so much you can achieve with self-confidence. You can make your every day life better. You can also make your work-life better.

Instead of always going into work with the mind-set that you are going to do something wrong, go in with the mind-set that you can do better then yesterday and the day before.

Why would you want to be the kind of person that wakes up every day, looks in the mirror, and is disgusted with themselves?

Give yourself some credit. Why not try waking up with the mind-set that says, “I am who I am, and I’m happy with that, and there’s nobody in this world that can make me believe differently.”

If more people had self-confidence, the suicide rate would go down. Overall, people in general would be happier.

Just remember, don’t let the stress of the world and the negative words of other people bring you down. Be who you are.

Always try to talk to friends and family about your problems. They are always going to be there to help you out in life when you need it.

Wear what makes you happy and do whatever it is you have to do to make yourself happy. Don’t change who your are for anyone.

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