By Kara Gale

Lovers of the horror genre are everywhere and sometimes it can be hard to find the time to “get your fix.”

There are some great movies and books out there, but another medium of entertainment is listening to podcasts.

There are many great horror podcasts out there, one of them being the NoSleep Podcast.

This podcast takes short stories published on the’s NoSleep forum and narrates them.

There are stories that range from physical horrors such as intruders in the night to psychological ones, to emotional ones.

There are horrors such as monsters, mental illnesses, shadowy figures, and voices in your head.

The host of the show is David Cummings.

He produces each podcast and narrates some of the stories.

There are also several other people who help narrate stories, and the podcast is a great way for anyone interested in voice acting to begin.

The podcast is set up in seasons, and season 5 is currently in the works.

The episodes started out in the 30 minute range, but has grown so much that newer episodes average about two hours.

For people who drive a lot, especially college students going home on the weekends, the podcast is a great way to pass the time in the car. It is especially horrifying to listen while driving in the dark.

The first two seasons are free, and for ways to access them, head on over to

Beginning with season 3, listeners can access full episodes by purchasing a season pass subscription for $19.99.

This pays for one season with 25 episodes.

Listeners who do not wish to pay for the episodes, however, can still listen to the first few stories featured on each episode for free.

The free episodes usually contain 30-45 minutes of content.

For true lovers of horror, purchasing the season pass subscription is well worth the money.

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