By Dakota Hilburn

People with tattoos are told by their artists time and again to avoid exposing new tattoos to the sun — and always wear sunscreen if they expose their older tattoos to sunlight.

If your tattoo gets sunburned, its colors can fade, and that means another trip into the shop to get it touched up.

But how can you avoid this? Coppertone has an answer.

Their Tattoo Guard is sunscreen for tattoos with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+. This sunscreen is extremely effective.

You need to be careful where you put this sunscreen because the places where you put it will be as white as ever, while the rest of your body might look like a boiled lobster.

Tattoo Guard comes in three forms: a gooey stick that you simply slide over the area you wish to protect, a traditional lotion and a spray bottle form.

Online reviews are mixed. In an Amazon review, Eric Jayy said he wished this chapstick-sized product was bigger.

“This would work well for small, detailed tattoos,” he said. “However, my friend bought the Miami Ink one which smells like coconuts and is about half the size of a deodorant stick. Next time I’m going with the Miami Ink stick.”

Alexa gave it five stars.

“This stuff works really well,” she said. “It does what it says and looks just like the picture. And it was shipped fast.”

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