By Hannah Wallace

In 2003 New Line Cinema released a phenomenal film by the name of “Second Hand Lions.”

On its opening weekend in the U.S. the film brought in an estimated $12 million. It eventually made $48 million worldwide.

The movie is about a boy named Walter who is dropped off at the rustic country home of his great uncles, Hub and Garth, to live — while his mother, Mae, runs around with boozy, manipulative men and tries to have fun.

Walter discovers that living with his great uncles isn’t what you would call an average lifestyle.

His uncles seem to have no order in their lives and little self control. For example, they fire their shotguns at traveling salesmen who come down their driveway to peddle their products.

Walter then learns of some rumors about his great uncles possibly stealing money, or gold. Some claimed the pair stole cash from Al Capone, himself.

Hub and Garth seem to be going through their money pretty fast.

They buy a lot of useless things such as an airplane, an aging lion and a giraffe.

Walter learns many life lessons from Hub and Garth, played by two veterans of cinema, Robert Duvall and Michael Caine, who made the film a masterpiece.

The movie has inspiring, amazing parts and really shines light on the subject of family and how they are supposed to treat each other.

This is a family-friendly movie and is suitable for most age groups.

So if you are looking for a good movie to watch on a cold rainy day, “Second Hand Lions” is for you.

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