By Shelby Horton

The “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series has taken online gaming by storm, as one of the most popular horror games. With its third release the game reveals answers to its origins.

The plotline revolves around a haunted family pizzeria that has had mysterious murders and incidents due to the animatronics “being a little quirky” at night.

In the third game the storyline remained the same, the player is a night security guard checking cameras, audio response, and opening doors at a haunted house devoted to The Fazbear Entertainment incidents. Over the decades the haunted house collected bits and pieces of the original establishment, which includes some of the possessed animatronics.

In the this installment, the player is finally able to have questions answered about what happened to the poor souls that extract revenge from the once cuddly suits of Fazbear Entertainment.

The gameplay greatly differed from the other Freddy games, as it had no barriers that could be used to stop the assaulting animatronics.

Instead you had to use strategy to lead away the deadly “Springtrap,” a golden disfigured bunny, who appears to have a rotting corpse inside of its suit.

There are numerous jump scares from Chica the chicken, Bonnie the rabbit, and Freddy Fazbear.

The game doesn’t get enough credit for its original gameplay, and storyline.

It has succeeded in the online horror game, its simplistic gameplay allows for casual gamers to be able to play the game. While also providing a challenge for serious gamers, by having Nightmare mode, it has challenges that require a certain level strategy.

The game is ground- breaking in design, gameplay, and plot structure. With a flawless storyline, it provides the player plenty of hidden Easter eggs that reveal a story of brutal murder.

This is an indie horror game that has surpassed its predecessors.

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