By Mitchell Garrett

HCC’s Chess club started out small and has been growing each semester.

Duane Schmidt, a trainer from our school’s Business and Industry Department, started it.

Some may not be interested by the idea of a chess club, thinking it is boring, or too difficult.

According to Jackie Long, another faculty member involved with the club, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“It’s easier than you think. It is easier and has more benefits than a lot of people understand,” she said.

When asked about how the club started, she explained, “Duane is very passionate about chess, and the ways it can help with focus and handling stress. It’s very competitive and good for our brains, but it is also a social game.”

Duane started getting into Chess during a class of Work Ethics here on campus. According to Long, he “found that chess promotes positive work habits and communication, as well as rules of edict and sportsmanship.”

All of these things are useful outside of the classroom, so he started the chess club to keep students excited about chess.

On March 11, there will be a tournament with over $400 in prizes. It will be in the foyer of the Parker Student Union, and if the weather is permitting, the giant chess set might be brought to use outside in front of the union.

There will be two tournaments, one for beginners, and one for veterans, so no matter what, you will be able to play against people the same skill level. Prizes will be split across both tournaments. It will start at 10:30 a.m., and last for two hours.

Registration is free before 5 p.m., or one dollar afterwards.

You might make some new friends, win some money, or sharpen your skills, so swing by.

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