By James Teeter

Looking back, some would say love was in the air on Valentine’s Day. For others, not so much.

Many people say they spent the day with their significant other.

Cydney Stephan, Hutchinson, said her day was rather low key.

“ I spent the whole day with my boyfriend and with my family just hanging out,” Stephan said.

There are also the people who are indifferent about it, like Caleb Werk, Hutchinson.

“I could care less about the day,” Werk said. “I spent it sleeping, then went and hung out with some friends that night, but I could care less about it.”

Bre Mahaney, Hutch-inson said she could not fit in time for Cupid’s love arrows and candy.

“ I didn’t have a lot of free time with schoolwork and I had to go to work at the nursing home,” she said.

The origins of Valentine’s Day is somewhat overlooked.

Stephan said she thought that “it came from a guy, maybe, named St. Valentine.”

Others said they had no idea were it came from or that the day had a particular origin.

“To be honest, I could care less about it or where it came from,” Werk said. “It’s just another day to me.”

The tradition of St. Valentine’s Day goes back to ancient Rome. St. Valentine was a minister who performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

He was known for ministering to Christians who were persecuted by the Romans.

The holiday was not associated with romantic love.

It changed in the 18th Century, in England.

A tradition was started in which people expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, and sending greeting cards known as Valentines.

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