By Shelby Horton

The Green Lanterns Corps is one of the most well-known superhero leagues that maintain divine order in the DC universe, however the Black Lanterns create divine chaos.

“Blackest Night: Volume One” is a great introduction to the Black Lantern Corps.

Unlike the rings of the Green Lanterns that are powered by willpower, a black ring is powered through death.

The comic introduces a world where Bruce Wayne is dead. Deceased. Gone to his maker.

Nightwing has taken up the duty as Batman with Damian Wayne, Bruce’s Wayne’s biological son, as the new Robin.

With the death of the original Superman and his wife Lois Lane, another Superman from a different dimension and Superboy carry on his work.

Paired with the next generation of Teen Titans, theses superheroes come together to battle the uprising of dead heroes that have been possessed by the power of the black ring.

The comic takes itself away from the original storyline of hero vs. villain, but instead puts hero vs. hero, and takes every traditional relationship and twists it into a zombified nightmare.

The audience sees the growth of sidekicks into superheroes, and allows the reader to be exposed to superheroes they may have not been familiar with.

This comic creates a dynamic plot-line following different characters dealing with the loss of loved ones, while being in fear of their own death.

It is also refreshing to see the normally dorky and pun-filled sidekicks take on a dominant role

For readers who don’t know the basics of Batman, Superman, or The Teen Titians, will be lost and have a harder time following the story.

The Green Lanterns Corps has become a joke in the world of comics; their weakness is the color yellow.

With the introduction of the Black Lantern Corps, The Lanterns comics may make a comeback.

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