By Mitchell Garrett

I have always been a fan of RPGs, or “role playing games,” in video games.

“Minecraft” has been a popular game in recent years, because it gives you nearly total creative freedom.

But I feel there is a lot missing from the block-building game.

If I could add something else to it, I would add in quests, way more monsters, and bosses.

I feel like Minecraft’s dungeons are way too easy, and would be much more engaging with traps.

A game that does this extremely well is “Terraria,”a game which is similar to Minecraft and lets you build almost whatever you want out of blocks. But instead of the couple dozen types of blocks Minecraft has, it has several hundred.

Of course, the tradeoff is that Terraria uses 2d pixel art, as opposed to Minecraft’s full, if not a bit blocky, 3-D.

The game also has hundreds of different kinds of monsters, with hundreds of different weapons, armors, and other items.

There are various unexpected events that keep things interesting, and the game always stays fresh and exciting.

The dungeons are varied, with different themes. There are beehive honeycomb dungeons filled with bees, sticky honey you can get stuck in, and queen bee bosses, but there are also traditional brick dungeons filled with skeletons, paladins, and evil wizards.

Most of the dungeons are filled to the brim with traps.

There is a large online community, with different servers set up for different types of gameplay.

Players will build entire servers of winding dungeons filled with monsters and traps.

Other servers are dedicated to player versus player battles, sometimes in huge gladiatorial arenas, or other times in teams of players battling against each other.

If you want to try the game out you can get it on steam for ten dollars, but it also goes on sale frequently.

It is a purchase I have never regretted.

The game is still receiving updates, at a slow but steady pace.

New armor, weapons and events come out with each patch. Plans are also in the works for a “Terraria 2,” with better graphics, better core gameplay, and an overall better experience.

Even still, I think Terraria is a stellar game, and I enjoy it.

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