By Lariena Nokes

School is necessary in America. It is required by law and you must be educated, in some way, to have a chance at success.
If you are a student, a teacher, or a parent of small children in school, then there is a good chance you had an inspirational teacher — or met a teacher who missed the mark.
Teachers challenge us and talented ones unlock the true importance of learning by assigning homework.
The tasks include drills for spelling and math, timed practices, completing worksheets, reading, and reports. They teach us lessons on how to study and to learn new material in the future.
A wise person once said, “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but not what to see.”

With 12 years of school and a high school diploma, or a GED and valuable life lessons, the path of your life has now lead you to college studies.
Time invested in learning is always time well spent, knowing those homework and study habits is a strength you can count on.
No matter what happens in your life, knowledge you possess can never be taken away from you. Homework is your chance to accumulate information.
Reading — whether it be for the pure enjoyment of the activity, escaping into the story, or for research — is by far the greatest homework skill school provides us.
College is a major phase in the learning process because it is where each student takes responsibility for their own learning and understanding of the material.
No matter what your learning style, as a student, you can count on reading the entire text book during the course of a thorough class.
Homework teaches us to build our skills and makes each of us a first- hand learner.
The benefit you gain from any class is not based solely on the required textbook, the time and day the class is held, the teacher presenting the class or the topic you are studying. Ultimately, it comes down to your ability to make the learning yours.
Embrace the homework. Each assignment is your chance to learn and succeed.
You may not have been thrilled with grade school homework or been happy about middle school or high school homework, but college is your chance to take charge of your own education.
Homework does not drag us down; it builds us up with chances to grow and strengthens our knowledge in ways we might have never dreamed of.
Don’t miss out. Get involved in your learning.

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