By Shelby Horton

Comic book readers, rejoice!

The Batman comic series has been beloved by fans for generations. The Dark Knight’s legacy continues in the latest installment “Death of a family.”

It follows the story of Batman and his extended family, which includes the four generations of Robins, Batgirl, Alfred and the Dark Knight.

But what really sets apart this comic from the other new versions of Batman, has to be the reinvented Joker.

Now for comic book lovers, the joker has always been the prince of crime with a pun-filled sense of humor. But many speculated about how truly dark the joker could be. We now have the answers.

The Joker has reinvented himself by having the villain Dollmaker remove his face, leaving nothing but exposed muscle tissue and bone.

Now the Joker wears his detached, decaying face like a mask. He becomes more monster than man, as he hunts down the Batman family, creating a gruesome show for all to behold.

The comic also adds a touch of nostalgia, as it touches upon the Joker’s “Red Hood” origins.

Making references to the 1951 issue of “Batman: Detective Comics,” the only mystery that the Dark Knight could not solve, until now.

The comic also is a great introduction to the Suicide Squad whose members include the Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad will be making its debut on the big screen in 2016.

Heath Ledger gave a truly chilling performance as the Joker, but the Joker in this comic is by far the better psycho-killer.

He will leave you with a haunting image — providing you with recurring nightmares of a laughing clown.

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