By Loribeth Reynolds

Kyle Thompson/Collegian
Kyle Thompson/Collegian

Throughout history the rich have never paved the way to growth and success for us common folk.

It has been the middle class that has led the way through this winding path to the American dream.

Middle income families are hard workers and they consume groceries, manufactured goods and fuel with the money they earn — in the process, creating jobs.

Middle class families unite the country, without them there is a gap in social status; meaning inequalities. Today the country is in a great era of divide.

It is not a new perception that the middle class has been struggling and rapidly shrinking over the past decade.

America’s current “winner-takes-all” economic policies have failed.

It’s time to pick ourselves up, dust the recession off our pants, and start over again.

President Obama’s view for the middle class has been consistent since his first campaign in 2008.

And for the first time since he took office, the economy has been gradually bouncing back.

Thanks to his policies for a middle class economy, things may be getting better.

In his recent speech given at the University of Kansas, he spoke about continued success for the middle class.

“Let’s keep it going,” President Obama said. “We don’t have to be so viciously divided.”

He laid out a three-step plan to a better “Middle Class Economy.” Give the middle class security for change, access to affordable college to upgrade their skills, and build a better infrastructure for a competitive economy.

These are the steps the president is willing to take in order for the middle class’ continued growth.

Whether conservatives agree or disagree with a democratic approach to these issues, they can’t deny that these issues exist.

The conservatives’ beloved “Trickle-down economics” has failed the American economy, causing the Great Recession that began in 2008, with a dizzying plunge in the stock market.

It took eight or more years to recover from that thrill ride.

Conservatives have yet to present compelling stories or proof of how that policy was supposed to generate economic growth.

Rather than admit they are wrong, they constantly put liberals on the defense; questioning or refuting every solution being brought to the table.

Meanwhile, never bringing solutions themselves, they just keep debating failed economic policy. It makes me wonder why these officials keep getting votes.

Maybe elected officials feel like they can sell this simplistic logic of trickle-down economics to a naive and gullible audience.

Cutting taxes and cutting regulations — to provide incentives for workers, businessmen, and investors to be more productive — hasn’t worked on a national or statewide scale.

What a joke. It’s time to wake up, America. When conservatives talk about cutting taxes, they are talking about cutting taxes for the rich.

When conservatives talk about cutting regulations, they are talking about providing the rich with loopholes to protect their special interests.

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