By Amaelle Caron

The ‘Think About It’ program has made noise in the last week. Students are reacting in different ways to the online training.

Some found it intrusive and too personal for college students.

Others thought it was a good thing to remind people what sexual harassment is and how to recognize it.

Jacob Gunden, Coordinator of Equity and Compliance, contacted Campus Clarity, a branch of a larger training company called Lawroom, to provide the training for the student body, faculty and staff of Hutchinson Community College.

The training is used at other colleges and universities nationwide.

“The legal mandate for all colleges and universities to provide these types of trainings stems from the 2013 re-authorization of the Violence Against Women’s Act Sec. 304,” Gunden said.“ The use of ‘Think About It’ is one way HutchCC has sought to meet the obligations of this law while also promoting a campus environment where all the Blue Dragons can learn, work, play and love without experiencing or fearing harassment, assault, dating/domestic violence or stalking.”

Gunden talked about the training and the company that works on it.

It was made with the assistance of students, education professionals and legal experts from across the country.

“Although HCC did not play a direct role in the creation or development of ‘Think about it,’ it was provided an opportunity to customize some of the content to fit our institution,” Gunden said. “At present, we are in the early stages of implementation and use.”

According to Gunden, the feedback on it “has been quite positive.” The feedbacks on the survey are good way for the campus and Lawroom Company to improve their training.

The subject of this training is very important, especially for a college campus. collected data from 282 undergraduate, graduate and part-time students from the urban, suburban and rural U.S. and found out that 67% of the students on campus experienced sexual harassment on campus. Another 61% witnessed another student being harassed on college campus.

The online training is made to make the college experience of its student the best they can have.

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