By Hannah Wallace

Dear Hannah,

What do you think about the week of fun activities that are taking place for Homecoming?

Dear interested,

I think this is one of the most fun homecoming weeks that I have had the privilege of attending.

The Trick or Treat Trot was my favorite activity, as many students got exercise jogging around the trail that circumnavigates the campus, while in costume, and acquired some tasty Halloween candy in the process.

I’m sad to see the week of fun-filled activities coming to an end, but I am excited to see what will be in store for our Winter Homecoming.

It will have some major competition from the activities from this last week.

Dear Hannah,

Why are the bookstore workers so awesome?

Dear Curious,

I think they are awesome because they are good at taking our money, I also believe that they take a lot of sh– and don’t get enough credit for what they do.

Most of the time they get yelled at for no reason but the last time I checked it wasn’t their fault for not having every book known to man.

I think that the bookstore workers are like the backbone of HCC because without them most of us would not have the required materials that are needed for our classes.

So I want to send out a big Thank You to all the ladies that put up with mean, impatient, and rude people on a daily basis, and then come back to work the next day.

Dear Hannah,

I am so excited to see that our Kansas City Royals are winning games in the World’s Series. What do you think about this?

Dear Giddy fan,

I think you’re full of it. No one liked the Royals until last year.

The Royals start doing good and that’s when everyone started caring about them.

What are you guys going to do when they start losing? I like baseball as much as the next guy. I just don’t appreciate fair-weather fans and people who claim to be hard core fans when in all reality they have only liked them for a year, or maybe even two weeks.

Dear Hannah,

What do you think of Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between America and Mexico?

Dear concerned citizen,

I am very interested to see how this all pans out. My question is, “Who’s going to build this wall?”

There is always a way around a barrier, whether it be going under, over or blasting through it.

I really don’t see this wall being practical in any sense. I think that it would be a complete waste of time on everyone’s part.

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