By Casey Jones

On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden announced that he would not be running for the Democratic nomination for president.

For months, there has been a ton of speculation whether Biden would actually end up running.

If he had decided to run it had the potential to shake up the race.

Currently, Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner for the Democrats, mainly due to her long history of being in politics and being a well-known public figure.

And it doesn’t hurt that Hillary has a great last name.

However, Biden could have provided a solid opponent for her because he shares many of the same qualities.

He’s been in the Senate for nearly four decades and has made several presidential runs.

That has also contributed to his gaining a lot of media coverage and public attention.

Sure, he does not have the last name. But he can legitimately say he will continue to push the same ideas that Obama has, since he currently contributes to them, anyway.

Biden entering the race would have been a good thing because it would spur more competition for Hillary.

Biden appeals to a lot of the same groups as Clinton does and could have taken away some of her supporters.

This could have especially shaken things up if he actually managed to just split her supporters, because then Sanders would be relatively even or ahead of the other candidates in the race.

But since Biden is out, that locks down a lot of supporters for Hillary and makes it even more likely that she will gain the Democratic nomination.

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