Dear Hannah, Why are you “better” than everyone else?
Dear clueless,
I think I’m better than everyone else because I do not waste my time with stupid bulls–t. Also when my mother gave birth to me, she gave birth to a legend. All in all, it’s just a given that I am better than everyone else.

Dear Hannah, How do I tell my parents that I am gay?
Dear friend,
This will by no means be an easy thing to do, but with some confidence and faith all things are possible.
Let’s start with where to drop the news. I don’t recommend doing it in public because of the chances that a scene might be made so at home would probably be the ideal thing to do.

Don’t beat around the bush; just cut to the chase and tell them how you truly feel. If they support you, that’s great. But if not, there are plenty of hotlines and websites you can visit to receive the emotional support that you need.

Also, we do have a Gay/Straight Alliance club here on HCC’s campus. You can visit one or more of their meetings and perhaps find people who can listen to your story and offer words of advice and comfort. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

Dear Hannah, How do I hide alcohol in my dorm room?
Dear Borderline Alcoholic,

If you are not old enough to legally purchase alcohol, I suggest that you get rid of it now because if you get caught you are looking at some pretty big fines and some community service time.

Of course, I know for a fact you’re not going to take my advice. With this said, I leave you with, “Think like an inmate.” Be creative with your hiding spots.

Dear Hannah, How do I hide my weed without getting caught?

Dear Baked,
Don’t buy in bundles, but instead just buy enough for a quick smoke.

This will lessen the stress of hiding it and being caught, because there will be nothing to hide.

But this way of life is not very safe or healthy so I would also suggest that you check out one of many Narcotics Anonymous programs that the city of Hutchinson offers.

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