By James Teeter

Hutchinson Community College bowling classes were canceled Sept. 9 due to a power outage at The Alley bowling complex on Lorraine.

A Westar power company spokesmen said the disruption was caused by a furry creature that may have been a bit too curious.

“The reason for the power outage was due to a squirrel chewing through a wire on a transformer serving power to The Alley,” the spokesman said.

The resulting short circuit caused considerable damage to Westar equipment that blacked out an area of town.

Power was lost to more than 800 customers in the area near Lorraine and 30th, and on 23rd and 17th avenues, from 10:20 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Bowling students arriving for lessons were met at the door by coach Pat Becher, who told them of the bowling class cancellations.

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