By Hannah Wallace

The Goonies was shown in theaters in 1985. It was an American hit and brought in over $61 million.

This movie is about a group of kids who are good friends and call themselves the “Goonies.”

The group consists of Brandon, Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, and Data. They are being forced to move out of their homes because a group of builders want to replace their neighborhood with a golf course.

Brandon and Mikey are brothers whose father works for the local hometown History Museum. On a rainy day, the boys decide to go through Brandon and Mikey’s attic. In the process, they find an old treasure map and a doubloon pirate coin.

Hoping that they would find the treasure of “One Eyed Willie” so they can buy back their homes, the gang sets off on an adventure.

The map leads them to an old restaurant that is only open during the summer. They notice people already there — the Fratelli brothers, with their mother, hiding out.

The Fratellis are wanted criminals and are considered armed and dangerous. The goonies discover a passageway under the fireplace that leads to the treasure. All of them go down the passage, except for Chunk, who is supposed to contact the police.

Copperpot was a professional explorer who spent his life trying to recover One Eyed Willie’s treasure.

The goonies learn that they have made it as far as Chester did. They decide to keep going, only to find out that they are being followed by the Fratellis.

In the end the goonies get past each booby-trap and find themselves standing in front of One Eyed Willie’s treasure.

This is one of my favorite movies.

In fact, it is a modern classic. The overblown stories of youth and adventure are told with passion and the carefree joy of youth.

This is a movie every person should watch. If it is not on your movie list, it should be.

Tales of adventure and high-spirited children who inspire folks are the best movies you can watch.

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