By James Teter


Steve Carpenter has been the sports information director at Hutchinson Community College for the past 11 years.

He is a man of many words, jobs and responsibilities.

He keeps game stats for varsity sports and has them ready for the professional press seconds after games are over. He updates the massive HCC Athletics website daily with new game stories and photos.

He emails game stories and stats to news entities who are on a request list.

He can be found announcing varsity sports on PA systems. He produces game programs and HCC sports guides.

He also is the vehicle cordinator, which means that he checks out cars, vans and buses to HCC coaches and instructors. He rotates the vehicles for servicing at local garages.

“I spend around 15 to 20 hours per week directing the auto pool,” he said.

Before Carpenter came to HCC, he was a sports writer and sports editor for the Hutchinson News, for eight years.

His schedule at HCC jumps into high gear during the month of the NJCAA Tournament.

“In the month of March, I’m here around 20 hours a day, spending a lot of my time with different teams coming and going.”

With all the different jobs that Carpenter has, he has one favorite.

“I love being the sports information director for HCC,” Carpenter said. “I love the people and the kids that participate in the sports.”

Carpenter is com-fortable with the overall atmosphere at the college.

“I love the environment,” he said. “Everyone around this campus is so nice and I couldn’t ask for a better staff to work with.”

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